Fundraising is made possible in three easy steps

You’re raising money for a friend in need or a community across the world, we know your cause is important.So we made fundraising on Ertin easy.Within  minutes you can raise your fundraiser page and use our social fundraising platform to get the word out


Tell your story

Narrate your fundraising story through ertin. You'll be surprised to know how many people around the world are ready to support your cause.


Share your Campaign

Share your fundraiser far & wide.Our easy connections to Facebook,Twitter,Text & Email make it so easy to spread the word.


Get funded

Your fundraising campaign is not over until you reach your goal. It’s over when you have fulfilled your promises.

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Raise money for a variety of humanitarian causes or crowdfund your next innovative project in technology, fashion and design.

We help at every step contact us.

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Our Mission

We started Ertin with a simple idea: Give people the power and resources to bring their humanitarian efforts to life.

Ertin has a vision to build a community for showing and sharing their compassion through personal fundraising.Ertin helps anyone and everyone in need for funds from cancer patients, education for students,NGO's etc.

Ertin's mission is to boost humanitarian efforts into new boundaries and help individuals,charity and nonprofits move quickly with their causes.


Roberto Cofounder Ertin

Roberto Caldeira



Martin Cofounder Ertin

Martin Kollabathula

Co Founder


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