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Disaster Relief

Disaster relief

Disaster Relief

Floods, Cyclones, Heavy monsoon, Earthquakes. We all have either heard about it or experienced it
personally. Gujarat earthquake in the year 2004 shocked the entire nation. The loss and devastation
caused by the earthquake were massive and beyond measures. Almost 20,000 people lost their lives.
Another major devastation occurred on 26th July 2005 this is the date, “Mumbaikars” would never
forget. The amount of damage and disruption caused by the floods was unimaginable. A series of such
events really pushed the government to the edge to improve the post-disaster management and relief in
the country, but still, it has a long way to go. It is not necessary that we have to get ourselves involved
with the government in order to make a change. There are other ways in which you can make a huge
difference and provide relief to someone in need.
These are the few ways in which we can all contribute on an individual level.
• Raise money for the needy.
• A huge amount of food in hotels goes to waste every day. Imagine the number of victims, who are
starving for a basic meal. We can always take parcels of the leftover food and give it to the needy. Fewer
people would sleep empty stomach. Such form of food donations at the time of disasters could actually
create a huge difference.
• We all have clothes, we don’t wear, blankets we don’t use. Those clothes can really help a victim get
warm on a bad weather day.
• We can serve teas, food and most important clean drinking water to the victims during a crisis.
There are various NGO’s in the country with a sole purpose of helping the victims at the time of such
disasters. You can support those NGO’s so that they can perform more of these social relief works.
You can do it on your own, by simply making a campaign and raising funds on Ertin.
Collected amount thereafter can be sent to these establishments to help them buy supplies like basic
food, fresh water, medical assistance, and so on for the people in need.

If you feel like really getting involved in this noble cause, we can help you take your first step.
Our sole purpose is to be that bridge in connecting the humanitarians to the underprivileged that were
unfortunate enough to face these crises. Donating or raising funds for a cause can be lengthy however

We here at Ertin understand your trouble. We have simplified the entire process for you. In fact, it’s a
three-step process as easy as ordering something from Flipkart.

Share the objective, the main purpose of the fundraising project. You'll be surprised to know how many
people around the world are willing to support your cause.

Spread the word. We have dedicated social media experts working day and night to help cause reach
maximum supporters globally.

We will help you reach your final goal. Your fundraising campaign is not over until you reach your
desired outcome.

You can raise campaigns for,
1. Fund volunteering work in an area affected by a natural disaster.
2. Raise money to buy immediate relief, such as clean water, food or clothing for victims in areas
affected by disasters.
3. Providing the medical care and first aid to the affected.

We are on a mission to reawaken the hopes of the ill-fated. The ones who lost hopes on the verge of

Ertin is a powerful and a thriving fundraising community with philanthropists, humanitarians and
generous donors from all walks of society with a strong purpose of making an impact.

Compassion is what drives Ertin.
Ertin has a thriving social media presence and a strong network of like-minded people wanting to make
a change.
Social media has changed the entire fundraising scenario. Fundraising is being done at a global level
today with virtually no boundaries.
We make use of the ever-growing social media to create a movement in helping humanity and bring in
more and more individuals to the cause.

A crisis doesn’t wait. We help you act fast.
Our host of easy-to-use tools and quick social integration makes fundraising incredibly fast and
Gone are the days where starting a fundraising campaign was long and time-consuming.
Just some clicks and few minutes and you are good to go.

All of Ertin’s socially minded tools are built on Ertin’s powerful global fundraising engine, enabling you to
change lives and launch entire humanitarian movements—across town or across the world.

We started Ertin with a simple idea: Give people the power and resources to bring their humanitarian
efforts to life.
We at Ertin strongly believe that compassion and empathy are what drives humanity. Many fall prey to
the life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart attacks, natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquake,
floods cyclones, famines purely due to misfortune and lose all hopes even to survive. We are on a
mission to revive the lost hopes and give a helping hand to the people in such crisis. We believe not a
single person should suffer due to helplessness and plain misfortune. Join us in the movement to help
the ill-fated and make the world a better place.