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General Discussion

  • What is Ertin?

    Ertin is a crowdfunding website, where we raise funds for health,education,travel,cremation ,charities,non-profits events and NGO's. We do help in creative fundraising for theatres, music, movies, fashion and technology.

  • What can I raise money for?

    You can raise funds from health aid to technology on Ertin.

    • Medical Emergencies and Health Aid
    • Helping Elderly
    • Disaster Relief
    • Education
    • Travel
    • Sports
    • Competitions
    • Events
    • Religion
    • Animals
    • Cremation
    • Photography
    • Technology
    • Films
    • Food funding.

    If your idea doesn't fall under these categories, feel free to contact us or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  • What is Fundraising?

    Fundraising is a process of funding a project or cause by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people.

  • How does a fundraising Campaign works on Ertin

    You need to register on Ertin, click on create a fundraising campaign, invite your friends and family to contribute towards your cause. Ask them to share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp etc.  Once the desired amount is achieved, you can collect the funds.

    To know more, email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.ertin.org

  • Why prefer Ertin than any other fundraising platforms?

    Why prefer Ertin than any other fundraising platforms?

    • Ertin connects you to all social networking websites worldwide.
    • We provide you with a personal campaign manager to monitor your campaign throughout.
    • Ertin believes in transparency hence all transactions made by donors reflects on the website.
    • Invoices are generated for every transactions made on Ertin.
    • Our pricing is affordable lowest worldwide.
    • Multiple payment gateway options: PayUMoney, PayPal.
    • We accept funds from all over the world in multiple currencies.
    • 24*7 voice, chat and email support.
    • Ertin has a own powerful global customer management tool (Graphs, Export excel, Bulk email, Dashboard). 
  • What can you do on Ertin?

    You can:

    1. Start a fundraiser: Raise money for yourself, a loved one or anyone in need.
    2. Make a donation:Browse Fundraiser or Causes to make a donation.
    3. Support a cause by sharing the fundraising page on your social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp etc.
  • How do I raise funds?

    To start a campaign, follow the three steps:

    1. Sign up on Ertin.
    2. Mention your campaign details or cause reason.
    3. Click on Submit.

    Your fundraiser will go live in seconds.


  • What falls under personal causes?

    Anything which relates to you personally andneedsfinancial assistance like expenses for medical bills, travel, education, cremation, tuitions fees etc.

  • Can I raise funds for a friend or for anyone else as well?

    Indeed, you can raise funds for a friend, a loved one or anyone in need.

  • Does the raised amount reach the individual directly?

    Yes, with Ertin the money collected during your campaign gets deposited in the bank account mentioned on the fundraising page.  Raising money for your campaign has never been this easier.

  • Is it safe?

    Our payment gateways are encryption secured with the best. If your donation does not go through for some reason, your money will be refunded without any hassle.

  • How long can I run a fundraising page on Ertin?

    We don’t have any limits or time line to raise a campaign however any campaign has a default life span of 30 days. Ertin has noticed when a 30 days campaign is created, they receive donations quickly.If needed you can always change your time frame

  • Can I change the goal amount?

    Yes, you just need to send an email from your registered email id  with Ertin and it will be reviewed and  changes will be done accordingly.

  • What if I don't reach my goal?

    No problem. You will still receive the raised amount after the transactional fees are deducted.

    To know more about transactional processing fee, visit: www.ertin.org/pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I promote my fundraiser?

    Stage 1: Divide your social circle into an inner circle (friends, family, colleagues, relatives) and an outer circle (old friends, distant relatives, ex–colleagues, etc.). Stage 2: Reach out to your inner social circle first. They will mostly likely donate as, they love you, and because they can feel your passion for the cause. Stage 3: Reach out to your outer circle next – old friends, distant relatives, ex–colleagues, etc. When they see you've already got supporters giving to your fundraiser, it will make them want to join in as well. Don't stop reaching out to the people in your network. For more tips, visit: www.ertin.org
  • I don't have a financially stable family; how do I ask for money from strangers. It’s awkward. Isn’t it?

    We don’t think so, it will be an awkward situation. Remember, when you ask small amount of money from a huge crowd that’s the time your campaign will get completed. If not family ask your friends to donate minimum amount at the start of your campaign to build a momentum. If your friends cannot donate too, ask them to share your fundraising page with their friends and family. The possibility of receiving funds from a complete pool of strangers are very low than receiving funds from your friends' friends/family members. Keep asking them to keep sharing your fundraising page.
  • I have tried reaching out to my personal network, nothing seems to work out, what should I do?

    Ask for feedback from your friends and family. Get to know the reason why they are not contributing. Make changes: Restructure your fundraiser based on the feedback. Remember, transparency is the key. Do not forget to list down all the reasons for why you require funds. Reduce the goal amount, raise funds for the minimum requirement. Once you hit the goal amount, increase it again. Ask for support from your friends. Tell them to share your fundraising page on Facebook, Myspace, WhatsApp, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • How will I know if someone donates?

    An automated Email will be received on your Mail Id every time a donation is made on Ertin. You have an option to download the complete donor list by logging into your Ertin account.
  • How does Ertin help?

    We help you raise maximum funds for your campaign using the best of technology, our contacts and database.
  • Does Ertin provide campaigner with investors for a new idea.

    Ertin provides you with a platform to advertise your project. If any investors are looking at your campaign and they like it. It can be a major investment for your campaign.
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