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Crowdfunding for fashion business

Newcomer to the fashion industry? Need exposure and funding for your innovative designs?

Fashion industry for new entrants has always been challenging and getting a name in this industry is extremely difficult.

Also creating and promoting designs cost a lot of time and money. It becomes very difficult to build and promote a brand with fewer resources and money.

You have come to the right place!

This is where Ertin comes to the rescue.

We help newcomers in the industry by giving them a platform which indeed helps them to get their work noticed and receive funding for their cause.

Let us show you; how crowdfunding can help you achieve your goals!


Promote your designs and brand.

The fashion industry has always been focusing on promoting bigger and high-end brands. Local designers don’t get an opportunity most of the time.

Crowdfunding is a platform for new entrant designers to showcase their creative and innovative styles and create a brand name.

In fact, many of the top fashion designers around the globe have credited their success to the crowdfunding websites.


Showcase your talent and art.

Our platform helps designers facilitate rapid interactive communication and with just a click, any designer can showcase their talent.

Our platform makes our designers, get connected with an audience and helps them build a customer base without having any contacts within the industry.

At Ertin, you get an opportunity to showcase your art and work to the audience in the form of jeans, T-shirts and other innovative apparels through photos and videos.


No need to rely on the fashion designers anymore!

Big fashion designers have been the decision makers till now. A huge part of one’s fate used to be depended on those designers. They were the deciders of the failure and success of a design and designer.

Once they rejected your designs, you had nowhere else to go!

But not anymore!

With this platform, you get to establish a direct contact with the audience and an opportunity to showcase your skills on a global network.

Multiple projects can be launched at a given time; Donors with a common interest as yours can decide on which projects do they want to back on.

We suggest you include various perks like free apparels, membership to the audience to increase your chance of getting support for your dream project.


Save cost, efforts and time with Ertin!

By showcasing your work on the platform, you get to know what’s working and what’s not, by actively getting feedback from the audience in the form of polls and surveys.

This will save you a lot of time by filtering out those designs which do not get a good response and focusing your entire energy on the designs that are popular.

Based on the results, you can choose to only manufacture those designs that are in demand thereby reducing manufacturing cost.


Starting a campaign doesn’t cost a penny. Why not you give it a try? 


Hurry up and start a campaign in 3 easy steps-



Narrate your fundraising story through Ertin. You'll be surprised to know how many people around the world are ready to support your cause.


Share your fundraiser far & wide. Our easy connections to social networking sites make it so easy to spread the word.


Your fundraising campaign is not over until you reach your goal. Collect your money and fulfilled your promise.</p