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Need financing for the next movie or short film project

Movies, videos, short films are an excellent way of communicating with the outside world.

Producing movies can be rewarding, but it is definitely not easy.

It takes a lot of dedicated efforts, teamwork, talent and most importantly financing to cover the huge expenses required for building up a team, production costs, promotion, etc. This can be a daunting task!

This is where we can help you. “Ertin is a fundraising platform, where you can raise funds for a campaign and kick-start your dream project”

If you believe in your project and need financing, you are at the right place

Start your campaign in no time with these 3 easy steps-



Narrate your fundraising story through Ertin. You'll be surprised to know how many people around the world are ready to support your cause.


Share your fundraiser far & wide. Our easy connections to social networking sites make it so easy to spread the word.


Your fundraising campaign is not over until you reach your goal. Collect your money and fulfilled your promise.


New to fundraising? Don’t worry, we are here to help.


Let’s make the campaign effective.

  1. Create a PR plan.

First 5 Days of your campaign will be a crucial time as this time will attract maximum supporters.

Insist your team to share the campaign on their social media circles (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram) wherever possible to attract more people to the campaign.

Having news articles written about you will not only give you a heads up on other projects in terms of credibility, but it will also send external visitors to your project, who may turn into supporters.

Start writing blogs in regards to movie-making and the additional tips to be shared with your followers, which in return, helps you in getting larger publicity.



  1. Reward the audience with something for better results.

Involve the audience in the project by giving them a chance to meet the cast of the project in person.

Give them a feel of the movie production process by taking them to the sets and letting them interact with the actors, directors, producers of the film and enjoy the actual movie-making process.

Give special credits to the financiers of the movie by mentioning their names in the movie as a token of thanks.

Offer them t-shirts, posters specially signed by actors.

Invite the fundraisers for the movie screenings.

If the fundraiser is a business owner, then you can promote their product in the movies and promotions.


  1. Keep the audience updated.

Give a detailed description of the motive behind the campaign to paint a picture of the entire campaign to the audience.

Post the budget, expenses and tax calculations of the filmmaking in detail to the audience.

Provide relevant bank details for transfer of funds.