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 Organ transplants are necessary to save lives, but they're incredibly expensive.

The cost of a transplant varies depending on what organs need to be replaced, but it's usually around Rs 20,00,000 per person. Organ transplants are expensive because they require specialized equipment and trained doctors.

Crowdfunding is an effective way to raise money for this cause because the well-wishers can donate small amounts at a time—just like with regular donations—and they'll feel like they're making a difference by contributing. It's also easier than trying to collect donations from just one person: you can reach out to multiple people and let them know about your fundraiser and see if they want to contribute.

You can connect directly with people who share your goals and needs by creating a page on our website ertin.org. The site will provide you with a platform where you can tell your story and ask for donations from well-wishers and donors who would like to contribute to your cause. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need help setting up your crowdfunding page because it's important that you feel comfortable sharing information about yourself so donors will know what they're getting into when they decide whether or not they want to donate.

Start your fundraising in three easy steps


Share the objective and the primary purpose of the fundraising project. You'll be surprised to know how many people around the world are willing to support your cause.


Spread the word. We have dedicated social media experts working day and night to help cause reach maximum supporters globally.


We will help you reach your final goal. Your fundraising campaign is not over until you get your desired outcome.


Few guidelines to help you launch a successful campaign.

  • Make your descriptions short and to the point.
  • Describe your situation and mention how this contribution is going to help you.
  • Include photos and videos which have proven to increase donations.
  • Mention relevant bank details for the transfer of funds.
  • Upload all the details of the component costs, and bills.
  • Share the campaign with family, friends and your social circle give them a chance to be a part of your exciting journey.


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