Need financing for the next photography project?

Photography is an art. It takes years and years of real hard work and dedication to master the art of photography.

Some of you may really possess the fine art.

But due to some unavoidable reasons, you may not be able to deliver your best.

Whatever may the reason be, it must not stop you from pursuing your goals.


I am really passionate about photography and want to follow my dreams, but

  • I'm financially weak and don’t have enough money to support the gears necessary to reach my maximum potential.
  • I was in a middle of a project and unfortunately, the gear got damaged /stolen and now I can’t afford a new one.
  • I have a huge life changing project coming up, which will need a considerable financial sponsoring.
  • I'm working on a non-profit project for social causes and I need funding to keep my campaign running.


If you feel, you belong to one of these categories or have any other problems due to which you are stuck in a rut; you have come to the right place. Do you believe you have a strong cause and really need help? Share your story with our audience and you would be surprised to see how many people are willing to support your cause.

We at Ertin, believe talent is extremely precious and must be explored to its maximum potential.

You can start with your own reward based fundraising today.

You might want to know what is reward based fundraising?

Rewards-based fundraising involves people contributing to your Idea in exchange for a “reward,”

By providing your donors with various perks or rewards like free photography, discounts on shoots, membership, lifetime discounts etc will increase your chances of getting financial support for your dream project.

Start your fundraising in three easy steps